English Language Courses

M studied on the Full-Time English Language programme at Kingston College, London. M stated:

  • I was proud to be a student at this respected college with its highly professional tutors. They really did their best for us and I was happy to be in this environment. There was a perfect variety of tutors who gave us lots of new things to learn about the English language.

To find out more about the English language courses available please visit the English Language Courses webpage.

International Foundation Year

Najada studied the International Foundation Year at Kingston College, London. Najada stated:

  • Kingston is a great location – brilliant shopping, culture and fun places to visit and it’s easy to get to London…
  • I wish to thank all my tutors for their great work and their support during my time at Kingston College.

To find out more about the university access course please visit the International Foundation Year  webpage.

Distance Learning Courses

Sawfa registered for a distance learning programme through Pathway whilst working in the Middle East. Sawfa stated:

  • Pathway is offering significant opportunities for continuing education with the required support from expert staff.

Sylvia also registered for a distance learning programme through Pathway whilst working in the Middle East. Slyvia stated:

  • Pathway staff’s experience in terms of completing application forms, meeting academic deadlines, their assistance in all administrative manners was highly useful.

To find out more about the courses please visit our Distance Learning website.

Exam Management

Every year we receive lots of positive feedback from students regarding the venues that we are able to provide. An example of some of the positive feedback we received is as follows:

  • …the venue is absolutely superb with amazing staff, I am so happy to be writing my exams there. Thank you x100 I really appreciate it!

To find out more please visit the Exam Management webpage.

Contact Us

Over the past 5 years Pathway has helped hundreds of students to find the right course. We have also successfully helped numerous organisations manage their international exams and allowed thousands of students the choice to sit their exams internationally.  To find out more about we can help you or your organisation please complete the Enquiry Form or Contact Us.