Why invest in Corporate Training?

Research has indicated that employers of all types and sizes could benefit from strategic investment in people.  The findings of Tamkin et al. (2008), published by the Institute for Employment Studies in the UK, demonstrate that organisations that adopt an integrated range of human resource practices are likely to perform better on key indicators such as:

  •  Profit
  •  Sales Growth

In addition to the findings of Tamkin et al. (2008) investment in corporate training has been found to have the additional beneficial effects:

  •  Increased efficiency and productivity
  •  A more confident and motivated workforce
  •  Improved corporate image

How Pathway can help your organisation

Pathway works with companies to help them to develop their workforce. We are able to review your training needs and design and deliver the right course for your organisation. Courses can be delivered in both English and Arabic and can be delivered at your premises, in conference facilities or in the UK. We can also provide supported distance learning were required.

To find out more about the courses Pathway is able to offer please visit the list of courses.  If the course you are interested in is not included please contact us or complete the enquiry form and we will try to meet your requirements.