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14th Annual Global CEO Survey – Growth Reimagined

Management & Leadership
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The 14th PWC Global Survey examines the thinking of over 1,200 company leaders and government officials from over 69 countries. The survey provides interesting insights into the thinking of CEOs in relation to questions such as:

  • How is the global recovery shaping corporate prospects?
  • Are customer demand patterns driving innovation?
  • Can the global skills gap be bridged?
  • Where do businesses and governments share priorities?

Managing talent is back on top of the CEO agenda with 83% of global CEOs anticipating change to how they manage people in response to the global business environment. Some of the highlights provided by in the 14th PWC Global Survey in relation to talent management include:

  • CEOs changing their people strategies to improve employee engagement and retention. Most CEOs (65%) say they plan to use more ‘non-financial’ rewards. These approaches can take many forms, but often involve training and mentoring programmes, with a closer focus on career trajectories.
  • PWC expect companies’ talent strategies to reflect companies’ growth plans: more than three-fourths (76%) of CEOs surveyed said they would need leaders who can navigate emerging market growth opportunities. Yet the most sought-after people can be choosy when picking employers. By investing in the specific needs of pivotal employees, CEOs can have a better case for attracting—and keeping—the people they’ll need.
  • CEOs see the low availability of key skills as one of the main threats to business growth prospects. As they look across their organisations, CEOs fear they won’t have the right talent to compete effectively as the region enters the next cycle of growth.

To view the 14th Annual Global CEO Survey in full and to obtain detailed analysis of the results in the Middle East and Africa please visit www.pwc.com/gx/en/ceo-survey.

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