School of International Education at Kingston College

Learning English in the UK is the best way to improve your English language skills. Pathway is able to offer you the opportunity to learn English at Kingston College, London. These specially selected English language courses are designed to help people at all levels develop and improve their knowledge and understanding of English. The English language content of these courses is accredited by the British Council with students offered dedicated preparation classes for the Pearson Test of English or IELTS.

Benefits of Learning English

– Improves employment potential

– Increases educational opportunities

Widely understood internationally

– Increases cultural awareness and access to other cultures

– Makes international travel easier and more enjoyable

Programme of Study

Pathway is able to offer a range of English language courses from 2 to 35 weeks. All English language courses encourage active learning with emphasis on communication and accuracy in speech and writing. Whichever course you decide to study you will be provided with a personal learning plan which is reviewed regularly throughout the course.


The quality of English language teaching at Kingston College is excellent. All teachers are qualified and have experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language. Many of the teachers have worked all over the world including: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

Study Options

To find out more about the courses on offer please refer to the following pages:

English Language Summer School

English with Business English

Pre-University English

English with Academic English

General English

To find out more about how Pathway can help you learn English why not contact us or fill out the enquiry form. Please note that in order to avoid missing out on these courses we recommend that you book as soon as possible.