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Pathway is an international global training and educational support company operating in the Middle East and Africa. For over 5 years we have been providing training and support for individuals and organisations aspiring to develop their knowledge and skills.

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Welcome to Pathway

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Welcome to Pathway Global.

Pathway is an international education company operating in the Middle East and Africa.  We help students and educational providers in the Middle East and Africa come together to experience top quality education.

What Pathway really is about is choice.

For students it’s the choice to obtain an internationally recognised qualification to suit their own individual needs regardless of where they live.  The choice to study international courses that are flexible, affordable and accessible.

For educational institutions choice is about being able to reach out to students globally.  To develop links beyond their traditional boundaries.

Pathway has over 5 years experience of helping students and educational institutions come together internationally.  We provide educational institutions with marketing, student registration and examination services through our network of local offices.  We have trained staff operating in Nigeria, Zambia and the Middle East who provide their local knowledge and expertise to assist your organisation.  We provide students with a local point of contact where they can receive advice and information from their chosen provider.  We also arrange and manage student’s exams so they can sit their exams in their own country.

Pathway recognises the increasing global society in which we live.  We aim to meet the needs of students and educational providers through the use of the latest technology available.

We will regularly be updating the news section of our site with all the latest information regarding the international education sector together with updates and opinions.

If you would like to contact us or require further information we would be pleased to hear from you.

Robert Rice

Managing Director, Pathway

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